Bird Clan of East Central Alabama
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Bird Clan of East Central Alabama


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   We seek to live our lives in harmony with all, knowing that we share the world with beings and powers both visible and invisible. We strive to walk the good red road. It is the link that connects us with the spirit in all things. We celebrate the changing of the seasons and the great circle of life. We honor the Earth Mother, our connection to the sacred feminine. We honor the Sky Father for balance in the dance of life. We honor the GrandMother's and GrandFather's of the four directions and all the ancestors inbetween. We engage in ceremony, prayer, dancing, and singing to help us to join with the Great Spirit. We wish all peoples peace, love, light, joy, and laughter. We are Free Cherokee, independant and proud.

We acknowledge our birth totems and learn from the animals, and the medicine wheels. The Bird Clan is Chief RedArrow's dream of a network of contemporary people of all genders, races, religions, and sexual preference drawn together by a vision and legacy of the Grandmother, her Native American guide whose goal is to form a tribe of teachers responsible for sharing with others those lessons of earth harmony and responsibility they have each successfully learned. The Bird Clan is not a tribe bounded by geography or ethnicity, but rather by belief and action. It is a tribe-in-progress composed of people who are constantly learning better ways of serving the sacred web of life.

While the Bird Clan honors the Native tradition from the Cherokee, its cross-cultural teachings are based on many sources of Earth Wisdom. The Bird Clan teaches what its members are learning: earth awareness, the philosophies of worldwide earth cultures as they relate to contemporary society, personal vision, personal responsibility, self-reliance, self-generated ceremony, working with and for the earth, and finding ways to preserve and protect the environment for this generation and all future generations. We strive to achieve this through our sharing of the knowledge we acquire and supporting each other on our earth walk.

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