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The Fantasy Realm
of Olivia D'Orleans

Unto the beauteous and reasonably fragrant perennial flowers of the Known World and beyond, come greetings from The Lady Olivia DíOrleans. I am writing this from the 14th century, so as you know this IS long distance! Alas, I come to bid you a tale of the young lassie, The Lady of Shallott. Now if you know not the tale. Take a moment to read Alfred Lord Tennysonís poem of The Lady of Shallot.
The Lady of Shallot
John W. Waterhouse
, 1888

This Lady obviously had no faith in herself! Must have come about, living on that small island in the shadow of Camelot. She had plenty of assets. Looks, money, green grass (that was important in those days). But, as the story goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. So she sat there on that island, put up her psychological fences and had no life. Back then they called it a curse, today we call it psychological problems. Then, as now, its all manifested by self. Nobody can do this to you, you do it yourself!

Then she complains "I am half sick of shadows", which translates to "I want a Life"!

When she finally decides to come out of her shell. Its for a MAN! And heís obviously in love with someone else. "To a Lady in his Shield" definitely means, he was carrying a picture of another woman for all to see. Why this beautiful Lady wasted her time on Him, Iíll never know. She had everything! Looks (just look at her, isn't she beautiful, money (she had a boat and an Island), green grass (that was really important in those days). But she thought she couldnít do it without THAT man.

So she believed the only way she could be noticed is to lay down and die! I donít think so!

Girlfriends! LOVE YOURSELF AND LOVE WILL COME TO YOU! Each of you are Beautiful, Unique, and Special. And your worthy of love and you can hold it and keep it.

Love yourself, know that you are a wonderful person. Know that you have so much to offer the world. And any man would be lucky to get you. So many of us set our sights on the unattainable and let life just pass us by. As the Lady of Shallot drifted past the town, life went on in Camelot.

If you need help in accomplishing this feat, call on the Ellyllon (ethlerthlon) Faeries whose queen is Mab. They are small, inland lake faeries who transport themselves by riding on eggshells. Their food is toadstools and faery butter, found on the roots of old trees! These are the faeries who are the guardians of the domain of the Lady of the Lake. They live at the bottom of Dosmary Pool, a lake in Cornwall, and are shielded by the illusion of water.

The Celtic Faerie Queen Mab (whose name means "mead", more particularly a red drink or claret she gave her consorts), will surely hear you. She is the warrior queen of the Ulster cycle. She is combined mother and warrior aspects of the Goddess. She will help you to find the courage to love yourself. Find yourself, find out what it is YOU want out of life, make the prepration to live that life and DO IT......DO IT FOR YOU.




Lady Olivia

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