My name in the mundane world is Sandy Pouncey and I have many personas. I am known by some as Momma, some know me as RedArrow, others know me as SwampWitch, and others know me as The Lady Olivia D'Orleans. On November 21, 2002, December 20, 2003 and again on February 17, 2006 I was given the honored title of Granny.

By day, Monday through Friday, I live in Opelika, Alabama and work for the College of Agriculture at Auburn University. I am an Information Technologist and I design & maintain several web sites. These are the people call me Sandy Pouncey, and you can find out what I do by looking at my Resume .

I am a single mother with two grown boys. My oldest, Charles (LaughingCrow), was 35 January 8th (whaaaaaaa) and is a Chef in Pennsylvania (a veteran of the Desert Storm). He has a Associates in Culinary Arts from Stratford University. Chuck lives with his significant other Brandon (LittleBear). My youngest, John (GrayWolf), will be 33 on September 17th. He is an Auburn University graduate from the class of 1997 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. My baby and his signficant other Tabitha (PrairieDolphin) have gifted me with three beautiful Grandchildren. The first, William Alexander aka Will and his Cherokee name is TwoFeathers. The second, Michael Gregory and his Cherokee name is LittleBuffalo. The third is Abigain Delane, most of the time we call her chick. Abigail hasn't had a baby blessing/naming ceremony yet, but we haven't forgotten her. They all live in Bainbridge, GA. They all make me proud, and they are the ones who have called me "Momma" the longest. I have this psychic premonition that I may get called Granny Momma..LOLOLOLOL that occurred to me the other day! Granny Momma sounds like a good RedNeck "Title of Royalty" to me...:))))) I also have an abundance of other children (and you know who you are) whom I love as my own and they call me Momma too.

I was raised in the Swamps of the Mobile Delta area and lived for a time in New Orleans, Louisiana. To these people and a couple of old boyfriends, I am known as SwampWitch! Actually my Daddy called me Marie Laveau which meant "another man done gone" hehehehehe!

I seek to live my life in harmony with all, knowing that we share the world with beings and powers both visible and invisible. I practice Native American Shamanism and strive to walk the good red road. It is the link that connects me with the spirit in all things. I celebrate the changing of the seasons and the great circle of life. I call to the Earth Mother, my connection to the sacred feminine. I call to the Sky Father for balance in the dance of life. I engage in ceremony, chanting, prayer, dancing, and singing to help me to join with the Great Spirit. I wish all peoples peace, love, light, joy, and laughter. I am RedArrow before I am anything else.

I am single (21 years in May), a Web Master, a Teacher, a Chief of the Bird Clan of East Central Alabama a Free Cherokee Tribe, a Vision Quest Guide, I "Pour Water", and I "Carry a Pipe". In my spare time, I like to have FUN!

The picture of me above was taken at the Bird Clan of East Central Alabama's First Annual Winter Solstice PowWow in Bowdon, Georgia. The little one wrapped in the blanket is LittleFeather. She was 3 weeks old and this was her official baby blessing.

Every chance I get I like to go play! Send me some E-mail. I like people, Iím a people person. But be sure and tell me where your from!


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